Stone Properties

The following information was assembled from numerous sources.

Adventurine (May or August): Eyesight, Gambling, Money, Peace, Healing, Luck, Intuition, Well Being, Change

Agate, any type: Acceptance, Serenity, Emotional and Physical Balance

Amazonite (May or August): Gambling Success

Amber (November): Enhance Beauty and Fertility

Amethyst (February): Healing, Peace, Love, Courage, Happiness, Control, Wisdom, Insight

Azurite (September): Insight

Blue Onyx (September): Higher State of Consciousness

Blue Topaz (December or March): Soothing, Calming, Good Health, Peace, Happiness

Carnelian (July or November): Vigor, Endurance, Strength, Direction

Citrine (November): Anti-Nightmare, Protection, Intuition, Acceptance

Coral (July or November): Healing, Protection, Peace, Wisdom, Female Regulation

Crystal Quartz (April): Strength, Vitality, Inner Sight, Healing, Conduct Energy

Fluorite (June or September): Calms Anger, Eases Depression

Garnet (January): Healing, Protection, Strength, Circulation, Compassion, Imagination

African Green Turquoise (May or August): Protection, Courage, Love, Money

Hematite (March): Grounding, Healing, Stabilizing, Strength

Jade (May or November): Prosperity, Longevity, Gardening, Protection, Tranquility, Clarity

Jasper, any type: Healing, Protection, Health, Beauty, Patience

Lapis Lazuli (September): Healing, Love, Joy, Fidelity, Courage, Wisdom, Immunity

Malachite (May): Power, Protection, Peace, Love, Business Success, Regeneration, Tolerance

Pearl (June): Self-Acceptance, Beauty, Love, Nurturing

Peridot (August): Prevention and Release of Fear , Guilt & Toxins, Protection from Evil

Rhodonite (October): Self-worth, Achieve Greatest Potential, Ward off Negativity

Rose Quartz (October): Beauty, Weight loss, Female Regulation, Energy, Inner Peace

Sodalite or Demourterite (September): Prevents all of the Following- Fear, Guilt, Anger and Stress

Tiger-Eye (November or July): Money, Protection, Courage, Energy, Luck

Tourmaline (October): Calming, Love, New Friends, Healing, Strength, Balance

Turquoise (December): Love, Money, Friendship, Healing, Relaxation, Unity

Unakite (August): Self-Assertiveness, Power, Patience, Healing

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